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6 Popular Colours for Bridesmaid Dresses

For a perfect wedding, bridesmaids are very important part of the wedding. Choosing the bridesmaid dress colour is one of the most difficult decisions during the wedding planning process. Ideally, Bridesmaids' dresses play a very important factor in telling your wedding day colour story. Therefore, it is essential to choose a dress colour that will appear flattering on your bridal tribe's skin tones and will give your wedding a classy touch.

When you are planning your wedding, we suggest that you avoid getting caught up in temporary fashions, styles, and trends. In this article, we have come up with the top 6 popular colours of bridesmaid dresses that will stand the test of time and are timeliness. These colours not only match your stunning white gown perfectly but also will not create distractions in your images. Bridesmaids can wear dresses with these colours to make your wedding look more refined, timeless, and sophisticated.

Nude/Cream (Neutrals)

Cream Bridesmaid Dress

Cream and nude is a classic palette. It usually matches everything and appears minimalist, classic, and clean. It might sound to be an odd colour because of its light shade, but a neutral colour palette when it is paired well can offer your wedding a great look which will make your wedding dress be notable. You can try to pair this bridesmaid dress with groomsmen in charcoal grey or blue.

Cream bridesmaid dresses are especially eye-catching when paired with bright-colored flowers. While nude is usually a medium skin tone, that doesn't mean you should shy away from using it as a bridesmaid dress colour. It looks great on any skin tone. Consider using this color as your bridesmaid dresses to create a cohesive look throughout your day-of decor.

Classic Black

Classic Black bridesmaid dress

Bridesmaids' dresses in black colour are sophisticated, clean, and simple. This is because the black colour looks attractive on absolutely everyone and it never goes out of style. The white and black colour combo is a timeless classic and appears amazing together so effortlessly. It is a great colour combination for couples who want to keep things simple.

Remember, your wedding should reflect you and your partner's personality. If you still don't know which colour to select, you can consider your own vision and style for the wedding. Classic black colour looks good to photograph and will bring a romantic style of wedding photography. It works well with any skin tone and is a flattering choice for bridesmaids and bridal parties.

Blush Pink

Blush Pink Bridesmaid Dress

This is another great colour for those wanting to embrace a feminine and classic look without going out of style. Blush pink is romantic and soft. When you combine it with other colours, this colour pairs gorgeously with a pastel sage. It is also delightful in multiple textures. Bridesmaid dresses in identical colour but variable fabrics can add drama and interest. You can consider some of the girls in blush pink chiffon and others in blush pink lace for added interest in wedding photography. Blush pink colour can also be used in the outdoor wedding as it looks stunning alongside natural landscapes.

Match your bridesmaids with blush pink formal dresses or more casual designs and keep everyone looking stylish on your big day. For something a little different, add embroidery or beading detail to create an eye-catching look. 

Dusky Blue

Dusky Blue bridesmaid dress

Pastel blues and dusky blue are both calming and soft colours. If you pair it with white, you will have a serene vibe that goes so delightfully well together. The tone appears gorgeous in any background when you are married amongst beautiful architecture, water, or trees. Moreover, Dusky blue is likewise stunning for a summer wedding or sophisticated winter wedding. For a winter wedding, you can pair it with silver or ivory. During summer, it looks elegant with mint and peach.

Brides may also choose darker hues of blue, such as navy or black, depending on what they're planning for their overall theme. The reason why it's often selected for bridesmaid dresses is that it reflects elegance and purity. It's also an eye-catching hue, making any event pop with vibrancy and energy.


Gold bridesmaid dress

Astonishingly, gold bridesmaid's dresses are more versatile. From glamour sequins and full glitz to airy metallic tulle. Gold is one of the colour that is much loved. Ideally, gold bridesmaid dresses match perfectly with almost any skin will also give you a timeless, Gatsy vibe that is elegant and cosmopolitan. You can also choose gilded tulle and chiffon gold bridesmaid's dresses as they will provide you with a romantic and ethereal look in firm style.

Moreover, there are several ways to add gold to your wedding day decoration. You can think about using accents of gold with Chiavari chairs, chargers, and dinnerware. Whether you choose to go with one solid gown or have each girl wear a different shade, a touch of gold is sure to add some sparkle to your day.

Dark blue / navy

Navy Blue Long Bridesmaid Dress

Dark blue bridesmaid dresses are perfect since they suit both formal and casual weddings. These dresses have become popular over the years because of their colour scheme and complementary tone that goes well with the usher's and groom's choice of suit. In fact, dark blue bridesmaid dresses are so chic that they regularly rank among our most popular colours for the ceremony and reception gowns.

Navy is both classic and versatile. It's also becoming a very popular colour choice for weddings, including bridesmaid dresses, as it can complement all kinds of other colours without clashing with them.


The colour of bridesmaid dresses has always been an important part of a wedding. Keep these 6 popular colours in mind when selecting bridesmaid dress colours and you'll have nothing to worry about. Each dress is wonderfully modern and innately feminine. Whether you want a glamorous option or something more casual, we've got you covered. Nevertheless, the best colour for you depends on your personal preference. If you want your bridal party to wear bridesmaid dresses that look unique and special, then choosing one of these popular colours would be perfect for you.