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6 Beach Wedding Dresses - Allow You to Move Freely at the Beach

Previously wedding ceremonies were most often held in a church with stringent rules about who could attend, how they should behave, what they should wear, etc. Today's weddings are much less traditional and more informal, so it makes sense that many couples would want their ceremony to take place somewhere where everyone can have fun and celebrate without worrying about following any rules regarding attire or conduct.
New Arrival Bohemian Spaghetti Straps Beach Wedding Dresses
The beach has become a top choice for these ceremonies because the relaxed, open-air environment provides everything a couple could ask for in terms of comfort and fun. It is also becoming popular to hold weddings at other outdoor locations such as the park or in the mountains.
Whatever setting these modern couples choose to make their special day happen, they still want their wedding attire to be comfortable enough. For this reason, many brides are choosing Ombreprom beach wedding dresses for their upcoming nuptials. When selecting these special dresses, you must keep some general guidelines in mind:
· Any bridal accessories should be easy to put on and remove since you will have to take them off for a while when swimming or getting wet from the ocean.
· Remember that your beach wedding dress will get dirty, and it might even rip in some places. Make sure you plan accordingly and buy a few dresses if need be. While you are at it, make sure to get your hair styled in a way that is easy to fix when you are out in the wind.
· Since dresses made of lace will not last long in the sand, choose beach wedding dresses in light materials such as chiffon or satin.
· To avoid looking too formal, try wearing a beach wedding dress with a lower cut and fewer ruffles so you can move around more easily.
· Don't forget to bring some oversized shawls or pareo that you can use as cover-ups on the beach and later as wraps at the reception.
Here are the six beach wedding dresses that allow you to move freely at the beach.

1. Halter Design

Pink Halter Appliques Beach Wedding Dress

Halter wedding dresses are fabulous for outdoor weddings because they don't require too many accessories to look good. The halter top design is also very simple and easily accommodates a beach sparkler ceremony. Even though the style is not too complicated, you will still feel special when wearing it. Halter designs also come in many different colors and styles, so you can easily find the right one to fit your personality. The dresses offered in this category will suit any bride's personality and taste, from the young woman who loves to be on top of the fashion trends to the more conservative bride looking for a color that best matches her skin tone.

2. Detachable Train

detachable train wedding dress

An alternative to a traditional dress with a train is attached or detachable beach wedding dresses that will give you the same great look but allow for easier mobility. The best thing about these designs is that you can easily detach the train and continue your party after the ceremony is over without dealing with a heavy dress that might get in the way. Detachable trains come in different colors and styles to match any wedding or bride's taste.

3. Boho Chic Style

bohemian beach wedding dresses

If you are looking for something more casual, then bohemian beach wedding dresses might be a better choice for you because of their free-spirited look and feel. These designs are made to make the wearer feel relaxed and comfortable. Because of their baggy design, these dresses can be a bit more challenging to walk in, but the style is worth it compared to other styles that might not give you the same effect. Boho chic style wedding dresses are great for destination weddings, especially those on the beach, because of their loose fit and ability to move easily with the wind. This is a good pick if you want to look hot without worrying about putting too much attention on your attire.

4. Lace Styles

Lace wedding dresses are trendy because they provide a romantic feel without being too constricting or uncomfortable. This type of dress will allow you to move around freely during your outdoor wedding while giving everyone a beautiful sight at the same time. Whether you choose a simple ball gown with an attached lace train or a wedding dress with an open-back lace overlay, this design will work best for any outdoor venue where comfort is key over formal look and sophistication. A lace style is a great option for destination weddings because of its ability to withstand the wind and sand without coming undone.

5. Designer Knee Length Dresses

A-Line Sweetheart Asymmetrical Organza High Low Beach Wedding Dresses

There are many unique beach wedding dresses in knee-length designs. This type of design works great for outdoor weddings because it will keep you cool while still looking stylish and classy in everyone else's eyes. Beach wedding dresses in knee-length styles can be formal or casual depending on the color, beads, sequins, and lace used to decorate them. Try on a few before making your final choice so you can feel which ones best highlight your feminine features. The designer knee-length dress will be an excellent choice for destination weddings because they are very comfortable and easy to move around in.

6. One Shoulder Dresses

One-shoulder wedding dresses are perfect for showing off toned arms when walking along the shoreline. They also work great if you want to look more elegant without feeling too stiff since they don't constrict movement like other types of more traditional gowns. Many one-shoulder wedding dresses can be worn on the beach. Some have spaghetti straps, while others use only one strap for design. These dresses come in various lengths and colors, so you can choose the right design to fit your personality and taste.


Whether you are having a formal wedding in a church or an informal ceremony on the beach, there is no reason why your dress should restrict your movement. The above list of six easy to move around in designs will make your special day even more enjoyable and memorable because you can enjoy yourself without worrying about tripping over your dress or getting it dirty. Try on some of the Ombreprom styles before making your final decision. You might find that you are more comfortable in a less constricting design than wearing the typical strapless dress that many brides choose for their big day.